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New RADF Project – Sundowners On Keswick

I've been working diligently for the past few months preparing my next RADF grant application for my upcoming project. This will be a high-quality coffee table book entitled Sundowners on Keswick. A beautiful presentation of gorgeous sunsets, cocktail recipes donated by residents and anecdotes about the residents.

This project is being undertaken in an effort to improve the morale, health and well-being of the local community, to raise awareness of our stunning location in the Mackay region and to produce a quality tourism product that attracts more visitors. The project will take around 5 months to complete and I'm delighted to have some local producer partners on board.

Successful submissions are announced around Australia Day 2020. Wish me luck!

Lighting Of The Community Christmas Tree

Several weeks ago, our local artist, Lesley Kane, was commenting on how much her grandchildren enjoyed seeing a Christmas tree at the roundabout on Keswick Island in years gone by. We had a memorable evening down there around 2011, so we decided to launch a community project to add a new tree to the roundabout with solar lights to entertain old and young alike.

Firstly, Marian cleaned up the area removing dead plants and trimming the pandanus plants. Then she added pandanus fruit around the existing plants to make the area look greener. Meanwhile Lesley held a workshop at her Tiger Blue Den to make natural Christmas decorations out of hessian, ribbons, shells, wood, bark, sponge, coconut shells and string etc. They looked quite good in the end! We also dug out our old Christmas deccies like tinsel and shiny balls.

While we dithered on whether to make a driftwood tree (that we really should have collected wood for in the preceding weeks), Craig suggested using a dead she oak tree that had fallen over in his street. So we lobbed up to Eagle View Crescent for a quick look see. It was perfect really, so Craig promptly tied the tree up to the back of his buggy, (hand in post operative state & all), and pulled the tree out of the ground. Due to the extreme heat, we decided to meet back in a few hours to tow it down the hill to have a look at it in-situ. Once that happened, thanks to Craig, Brian & Darryl, we were going to decide what to trim off etc., but the men took control and tied it securely in place.That's it! All done ladies! 😉

Now that we knew we had a very large tree to decorate, Karen and Lesley made more terrific Christmas decorations for inclusion in the decorating party to be held on Saturday at 5.00pm. They even made some great looking Christmas puddings out of stuffed Coles liquor bags and wrapped buoys to hang and put around the bottom of the tree. (I think if one had legs, it would look like the Magic Pudding!)

The decorating and lighting of the tree went well, albeit in very hot and humid weather, with several ladders being loaned to make the job easier -- the best and tallest one being from KDPL. The tree looks distinctive and fits in well with the local decor! Many thanks to our local monkeys, Craig, Brian & Ron, who managed to climb to the top of the big ladders and get that tinsel over the top of the tree, and to everyone that pitched in to make it a fun gathering. Even little Toby who was visiting with Matt and Tess and granddad Steve. Special thanks go to Craig for flying to Mackay to buy the solar lights.

We all heaved a big sigh of relief when the sun set and the refreshing drinks came out to cool us all off! Then the lights came on and the spirit of Christmas came alive on Keswick Island once again. 🙂

Red-Bodied Swallowtail Butterflies Resting

Red-bodies swallowtails

It's usually around half an hour before sunset when we're sitting on our deck having sundowners that we notice the butterflies looking for a place to rest overnight on Keswick Island. You can bet your bottom dollar that where there is one butterfly resting, another one will come along and try to take the same place! It's interesting watching them jostle for a spot to sleep & stretch their wings for the last few rays of sunshine that day. These particular butterflies are male red-bodies swallowtails and they are attracted to our red hibiscus flowers.

Two Books Down — One To Go!

I've finished the illustrations and new cover images for the first 2 books in the series and only have one left to go! This is exciting 🙂

RADF Grant Approved

I’m thrilled to bits to announce that the Regional Art Development Fund (RADF) Grant I applied for has been approved. Now I have 4 months of solid illustrating work to do to my first 3 books. Really looking forward to getting stuck into it and also to be mentored by award-winning local artisan Lesley Kane! 🙂

The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Mackay City Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

The Butterflies Are Here

It’s that time of year again – after a tropical cyclone – when the sun comes out and blue tiger butterflies hatch in the thousands! We think it must be something to do with air pressure that causes this phenomenon. Anyhow it makes for terrific photo opportunities and takes us all back to our childhood days when we appreciated nature more. 🙂 This photo is walking distance from Jasmine Cottage looking over Egremont Passage towards neighbouring St Bees Island.

Lizard flat out drinking?

There's an old Aussie expression "like a lizard flat out drinking", and I have seen monitor lizards drink that way when I'm watering the garden. But the other day I shot this short video of a monitor drinking in a totally different way! 🙂

Lizard flat out drinking?

Rockin’ Cockie

This is an oldie but a goodie. Just love the way this cockatoo rocks to the music of Freddy in Queen.

Download Critter’s Christmas On Keswick FREE For 5 Days

Hi Friends! I have just published my 4th Island Critters book and it’s a fully illustrated Christmas book for children. I’m running a free download promotion for the next 5 days if you’d like to grab a copy? (Even Brian had a good laugh when I read it to him the other night!) Simply click the image below to go to my Amazon Author Page and select the Kindle Version (making sure you are on the Australian Amazon site if you live in Australia – there will be a link to it on the top RHS). Don’t worry if you don’t have a kindle, you can also download the Kindle App to read the book on any device!

Please download the book for free within the next 5 days, and if you enjoy it, please leave a review so I can be ranked on Amazon. Thank you in advance! (BTW, the paperback copy is A4 size and great for colouring in!)

Download it free today!

Download Critter’s Christmas On Keswick – Book 4 in the Island Critters Series

Importance of Graphic Designing in Digital Marketing

World today is not just confined to the deep cut impacts of the words but the graphics along have assisted a lot in maintaining a long term interest of the viewers. Hence it is really pivotal to make the graphics eye feasting and self-explanatory so that viewer doesn’t have to dive to imaginative worlds to figure out the meaning behind each pic.

Graphic designing has not just affected our real lives but has also left a deep impact on our social and digital lives. Now our lives are more dependent on number of likes, shares, comments, tags and all such stuff. In such hullabaloos, we haven’t yet noticed the changing algorithms of social sites. Essential for your Website Design needs and Even the social media today is using such algorithms which show good graphics on the top to gather more of what we call ‘views’.

Designing Creative Banner Design Graphic

What is Graphic designing?

Now why is this graphic designing so important in digital lives? Why good graphics are prioritized in social media platforms? Why digital marketers with good graphic designers are under fortune?

All answers are concealed behind the folds of new era traditions. Before starting with ‘Why Graphic designing is considered important in Digital marketing?’ We first need to understand that what is Graphic designing?

Graphic designing is an art of making a fusion between creativity and information. Graphic designing can said to be a still form of infotainment. It is a trick to keep a constant interest of the viewer in the content and arise his/her keen interest in searching more.

It is a visual process of communication through images, graphics and sometimes words too. The aim is to feed the info-hunger of the viewers and provide them all the necessary knowledge in a stimulating way. This is the best way to provide more information in less time and with clear and concrete words. Visit for free professional web and graphic design templates !

Graphic designing plays a crucial role in digit marketing too. Some of the headers under which it provides its assistance are:

1) Creating Brand Identity

In the jiffy of globalization, no one can’t deny the importance of brand identity in global market. Through graphics, a company makes its own individual identity and stays in a distinct status within hoard of competitors. A good brand identity can attract a number of potential traders and customers.

2) Helps to Convey Brand Message

In the world of numerous complexities, businesses have become cumbersome more than ever. Technical jargons are out of reach of people than ever. Message conveyed in words attracts very less people and may not be able to retain their interests. Here graphics come to rescue. Graphics can provide each necessary information in a creative way. A good graphic attracts near about 85% more people and has proven to retain their interest and people tend to read more if they are fascinated by the graphics.

3) Creates Strong Impression

A good graphic not only delivers the information but creates a strong impact on people. People tend to get more involved in graphics than words. Extrapolations say that around 85% of people are attracted to graphics and indulge in business seeing their graphic potentials only. Words might be forgotten, but a message through a video or graphic is far more intimidating to the scavenging minds.

4) Preserving Customer Interest

Web of today has become so swift that even minute information isn’t out of its reach. Since people have limited time today, they rely on the graphics to understand the stories. Now if people find these graphics cumbersome, less readable or less attractive, they might jump to other sites. To maintain their interest in your graphics, it is must to develop creative, readable and involving visuals.

5) Graphics are the Story Tellers

Good visuals with perfect graphics can narrate a whole story and can leave an impression of eternity in readers’ minds. A perfectly woven graphic along with carefully stitched words narrates the success stories of the firm and creates a personal bond between the potential clients and the company.