EvieB provides businesses with free tools, marketing resources, advertising ideas and promotional strategies. Utilise these free resources to attract more prospects to your website. Get your online presence established with customised web, graphic & copywriting services to suit your business.

"Overcome By The Challenges Of Web Marketing?
I Can Help You To Setup A New Web Site, Promote Your Business For Little Outlay & Effort, So You Gain More New Prospects Quickly!"

Eva Browne-Paterson at Keswick Island, Great Barrier Reef


Looking for quality business resources you can use to brand your business, increase your exposure, build an opt-in list and market affordably? Great! You've reached the right place to effectively solve your problems because I've built up a pile of resources that you can utilise.

Hello and welcome to EvieB.com, where I present you with quality free and low-cost advertising solutions, giving you the ability to successfully promote your business online or offline and to create your own special niche in a highly competitive market.

With over 25 years of hands-on computer experience, plus 17 years of marketing both offline and online in Australia, I've built up a wealth of valuable experience that I'm happy to share. I also understand that offering access to business tools and vital information is the most effective way of helping you to achieve your business goals. You can browse EvieB's New-Z archives, my ezine that was discontinued in 2010.

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If you have a particular project that you'd like to undertake, but need specialised help, I can work with you personally to create a project outline, targeted campaign or custom marketing plan to get your site up and running and receiving new prospects in a very short time. I don't charge the earth, and my advice is free.

I've provided you with a series of helpful links and resources in the menu bar above. Please feel free to browse my site, and take advantage of what's available here. Take your time, have a look around, and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Support can be accessed here. 

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